A manual for how to love your life! Dr. Gutierrez blends current science and good sense into a concise and engaging universal formula for improving your life at every level. Don't just take it home- take it to heart!                                                                            -Reverend Jon West

L.O.V.E.S. The Answer is an enjoyable, short book that opens the heart. Anyone can easily and immediately apply the messages to everyday life. The storytelling is like conversing with an old, wise friend who will have you laughing and feeling hopeful.                                                                                                -Amanda Lies, PMHNP-BC

Excellent book. It provides an easy to understand guide for both practitioners as well as patients.  It is succinct to the point and destined to become an instant classic!

-Daniel Kessler, D.O., ABFM, ABIHM

This wonderful book covers the three most important lifestyle factors: stress management, diet, and exercise. Dr. Gutierrez takes you from generalized goals...to a concrete, step-by-step plan...With this book in hand, you can confidently reach these goals. I'd recommend it to all who want to see improvements in their own health as well as everybody else's!                                                       -Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete, Author of A Race For Life, CHEF, Senior Fitness, and Lifelong Running