Dr. Gutierrez is a popular speaker on a variety of topics.  Whether instructing meditation techniques, recommending a healthy diet, or presenting the latest evidence-based medicine to medical professionals, his talks are entertaining, inspirational, and informative. 

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Topics will be customized for your audience. Past talks include:

The Miracle of Making Every Day A Vacation

Through the worldview of Einstein and Gandhi we discover our childlike nature. There are Five Ancient Universal Principles that show us that everyday's an adventure and vacation is a state of mind! Children naturally live these Principles.

L.O.V.E.S. The Answer

L.O.V.E.S. represents five ancient and universal principles that provide the foundation for an exceptional life. Taken together, the wisdom of L.O.V.E.S. acknowledges what modern science corroborates: the secrets to avoid premature aging, prevent and reverse chronic diseases, promote abiding joy and happiness, and support exceptional longevity. Dr. Gutierrez provides an easy-to-understand interpretation that will help you put this wisdom into practice immediately, and reap the benefits that will transform your life.

From Bondage To Liberation

Ancient scripture states the human mind can lead to bondage or liberation. Modern science has revealed why our brains are hardwired to create unhappiness, suffering and negativity. The cunning human mind ensnares us in bondage and we become slaves to our thoughts and emotions. Liberation comes from freeing ourselves from this dreadful mental prison, and becoming masters of our thoughts and emotions. Liberation is not reserved for a select chosen few or some Shangri-La moment in the future. The happiness and freedom that comes from liberation is available to us all, here and now. Through ancient wisdom and modern science, we have the tools to become conscious choice makers and manifest our destiny. This is our birthright and can happen at any moment. Dr. Gutierrez will share the latest research in neuroscience and a simple practice that will engender gratitude, true happiness, and well-being.

L.O.V.E.S. The Answer to Veganism

The five universal principles described above as applied to adopting a plant-based diet as a lifestyle rather than a fad diet.  Many times, stress causes people to make choices that are not healthy for them.  Dr Gutierrez presents an approach to adopting and keeping healthy habits for life.

Three Steps to Superior Health

Dr. Gutierrez shares scientifically proven principles of stress reduction, evidence based nutrition information, and safe and practical guidelines for exercise. Through case studies from his private practice, the reader sees real life applications of the latest scientific research on longevity.  Dr. Gutierrez’s patients have achieved the reversal of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and gastrointestinal disorders. He wrote this book to share the knowledge on how to balance the mind, body, and emotions through proper nutrition, exercise and meditation so that everyone can achieve Superior Health.

Avoiding Physician Burn Out in Three Steps to Superior Health

Medical school and residency programs do not train physicians in stress-reduction and self-care.  Burn out rates are high.  This presentation provides guidance and training in stress reduction techniques and nutrition based on the book, Three Steps to Superior Health.  Approved for CME credit.

Evidence Based Nutrition

Dr. Gutierrez has followed a whole food plant based diet for more than two decades. In this informative talk Dr. Gutierrez discusses the benefits and the dangers of a vegan diet as compared to other popular diets. Furthermore, he discuss the benefits and dangers of supplements.

Stress Reduction with Mindfulness and Meditation

Dr. Gutierrez has practiced daily mindfulness and meditation for more than two decades. In this informative and experiential talk, Dr. Gutierrez discusses the benefits and dangers of meditation practice. He discusses the three universal stressors that all humans face and shares the three specific meditation techniques to help address these stressors that lead to pain and suffering.

Motivational Presentations for Minority/Underprivileged Youth

Dr. Gutierrez shares personal stories about his journey growing up a Cuban refugee in inner city Miami to college, medical school and beyond.

Best Practices for Pre-Meds and Medical Students

How to be happy, healthy, and successful living your dream of healing others......and yourself! What they don't teach in classes.

How to Stay Healthy without Pharmaceutical

In this compelling talk, Dr. Gutierrez shares the evidence behind the foundational principles of lifestyle medicine, namely, stress reduction, whole food plant based diet, and daily exercise. Exciting research is proving that even if you have a genetic predisposition for a disease, through a healthy life style you can avoid certain diseases. Do not let your "mythology become your biology."